Tingly Bubble Shooter

Before the ceiling falls, remove all of the bubbles from the stage! Aim the bubble with your mouse, then click to shoot. To pop all the bubbles, connect three or more of the same hue. You'll be able to unlock bubbles with unique abilities as you progress through the levels, which will speed up the clearing of the board. For more points and a quicker cleaning, try creating combos!




Think before you shoot.

Before you begin shooting, pause for a moment to survey the entire board. Keep an eye out in particular for clusters of three or more bubbles that are the same color as the one on deck. Gaining points for eliminating groupings greater than three is possible! Avoid randomly firing bubbles as you begin to clear the board. Try arranging extra colors in removeable groups as an alternative.

Bouncing off the walls.

To fling bubbles off the screen and into position, use the surrounding walls. When attempting to place a bubble in a challenging to access location or around existing bubbles on the board, this approach is extremely helpful. To aim and blast the bubble into the desired location, use your understanding of angles.

Aim high.

When you remove clusters of bubbles from the top of the screen, the bubbles below them will also fall. Watch for any groups that act as an anchor for the bubbles below. Launch a bubble as high as you can if you can to try to split up the anchor group. More bubbles will pop, giving you the opportunity to earn combination points.

Use specials strategically.

You'll come across bubbles with unique abilities as you progress through the stages. Shooting these skills into your most troublesome regions can let you eliminate numerous rows at once. You'll need to act quickly since you must use the unique bubbles as soon as they arrive on deck.


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Bubble Shooter can help players become better at visualizing and calculating angles to plan their next move. Additionally, this game improves critical thinking and pattern detection abilities.


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On a computer or mobile device, full-screen bubble shooter games are available. Matching three bubbles of the same color in a row is the most common objective in bubble games. They are well-liked because they appeal to players of all ages and are frequently simple to play.